Celestial & Company Laboratories' Patented Composite Construct Constable (CIII), Utopia. Patrolling the sooty streets of Arcadia City for scallywags, pickpockets, ne'er-do-wells, and handkerchief-thieves, circa 1874.
Inspector Tigershark of the Yard.
Coming Summer 1875 to all projecting kinematoscope theatres. Opera boxes unavailable for clones, urchins, and steam-driven automata.
Utopia doodle
Nevada doodle
Tetra doodle
C3 clone unit
Miss N. Antihelios and Rosenthal the steam-driven automaton, on the hunt for some heavily-armed scoundrels and ruffians.
C3-U8130P "Utopia".
Pod Apartment 289, Clone Apartment Block 33, CGN Annex District, Arcadia City.
Post-Apocalyptic Kensington